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Brendan Miranda

Brendan is a photographer, videographer, and content creator located in Orange County, CA. He is well versed in many types of content creation including Wedding, Automotive, Lifestyle, Technology, Event, and Film. He is an artist in the simplest terms and has a unique vision for projects that many have described as colorful, natural, and spontaneous. He has been involved in the video and photo world since 2014 and has had many memorable experiences in full time filmmaking, content creation, as well as photography.


Branden Munar

Branden is a photographer, videographer, and filmmaker located within Southern California's Inland Empire. He has experience in Automotive, Wedding, Event, Lifestyle, Motocross, and Live Event Broadcasting. Branden holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business IT, has a great sense of technology, and has a very outward and easy going personality. He has been shooting and editing videos as well as capturing photos since 2015.

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